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Vignobles Uby – Rose N°6 – Rose – 2022

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Vignobles Uby Rose N°6 Rose 2022 A Selection Sommelier From Côtes De Gascogne

The VIGNOBLES UBY ROSE N°6 ROSE: An Exceptional Wine

The VIGNOBLES UBY ROSE N°6 ROSE is a highly renowned wine with an appellation ROSE N°6 from the South West region of France. The uniqueness of this wine lies in its ROSE color, which is obtained through a meticulous selection of high-quality grapes.

The VIGNOBLES UBY are experts in viticulture, and their passion for their craft is reflected in the quality of their production. Their expertise has resulted in the creation of a ROSE N°6 wine that perfectly represents the diversity of the South West terroirs.

This elegant and refined wine offers a unique gustatory experience thanks to its finesse and subtlety. Its ROSE color is the result of the right proportion of red and white skin grapes used during fermentation.

By tasting the VIGNOBLES UBY ROSE N°6 ROSE, you will appreciate its fruity taste and smoothness in the mouth. This exceptional wine will delight even the most discerning palates and will please all lovers of high-quality ROSE wines.

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Availability: Out of stock

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