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Armailhac – Pauillac – Red – 2018


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Armailhac Red 2018 A Grand Crus From Pauillac


Introduction to ARMAILHAC wine:

The ARMAILHAC wine is produced within the vineyard estate of Château d’Armailhac, located in the Pauillac region. This wine is a blend of several grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, making it a typical wine of the Pauillac region.

Tasting notes:

ARMAILHAC is a complex and structured wine, distinguished by its silky tannins. It offers aromas of blackcurrant, wood, pepper, and chocolate, as well as a touch of fresh tobacco. On the palate, it presents a beautiful length and an expressive finish.

Food and wine pairings:

ARMAILHAC is a wine that pairs perfectly with richly flavored dishes, such as braised beef, lamb, game (deer, venison), or even poultry.

Additional information:

It is important to note that the alcohol content of ARMAILHAC wine is 13.5%. It is therefore recommended to consume it in moderation.

An exceptional vintage for Pauillac wines in 2018, with a great concentration of ripe red fruits, a beautiful tannic structure, and a long spicy finish. A true delight for fans of great Bordeaux wines.

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Availability: 78 in stock

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