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Vignobles Uby – Byo N°24 Manseng – White – 2021

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Vignobles Uby Byo N°24 Manseng White 2021 A Selection Sommelier From Côtes De Gascogne


Wine Color: WHITE

Region: Southwest

The UBY Vineyard produces the dry white wine BYO N°24 Manseng, made from the Manseng grape grown on its land. Recognizable by its pale yellow color, this wine stands out for its fruity and fresh taste. It pairs perfectly with seafood, fish, vegetable-based dishes, as well as appetizers and starters.

The UBY Vineyard is located in the Gers, a well-known wine region for its quality wines. The vineyard is committed to sustainable production to preserve the environment. The wines produced reflect the unique terroir of the Southwest region.

In short, the UBY Vineyard BYO N°24 Manseng White is a superior quality dry white wine, produced in the Southwest wine region of France. With its fruity and fresh taste, it pairs perfectly with the dishes we mentioned earlier. The UBY Vineyard is recognized for its responsible and sustainable production, to preserve the environment and offer superior quality wines.

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Availability: Out of stock

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