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Les Pierres Seches – Saint Chinian – Red – 2018

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Les Pierres Seches Saint Chinian Red 2018 A Selection Sommelier From Saint Chinian

The LES PIERRES SECHES SAINT CHINIAN Rouge wine: a gem of the SAINT CHINIAN appellation

Originating from the Languedoc region, LES PIERRES SECHES SAINT CHINIAN Rouge is an exceptional red wine that is the pride of the SAINT CHINIAN appellation. This red wine, made from a blend of carefully selected grape varieties for their quality, is the result of the passionate work of the winemakers in this region known for the high quality of its wines.

The winemaking process for this wine is carried out traditionally, with great attention paid to each step of the process. The grapes, harvested by hand, are carefully sorted to select only the best. The long maceration process reveals all the aromas and tannins of the grapes, giving birth to an intense and complex red wine.

Upon tasting, this wine offers an explosion of flavors in the mouth, with notes of red fruits and licorice. The well-present tannins provide the necessary structure for this powerful and elegant wine that perfectly accompanies red meats, saucy dishes, and aged cheeses.

In short, LES PIERRES SECHES SAINT CHINIAN Rouge is a red wine that testifies to the passion and know-how of winemakers in the Languedoc region. If you are a fan of powerful and complex red wines, this wine is the ideal choice to accompany your favorite dishes.

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Availability: Out of stock

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