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Jacoulot – Prunelle De Bourgogne – – 3000 Ml

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Jacoulot Prunelle De Bourgogne A Selection Sommelier From Liqueur3000 Ml


JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE is a brandy that benefits from the controlled designation of origin (AOC) PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE, a recognition of the quality of its brandies and liqueurs. This amber-colored spirit is produced in Burgundy from wild sloes harvested by hand in the region’s forests.

A superior quality brandy

JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE is a renowned brandy, highly appreciated by connoisseurs for its rich and complex flavor. Its aging in oak barrels for several years gives it a velvety texture and fruity and spicy notes. At the end of the mouth, a slight bitterness comes to enhance the whole.

Tasting JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE is a true gustatory experience. This brandy can be tasted in different ways: as an aperitif to whet the appetite, as a digestif to facilitate digestion, or even with a dessert to enhance sweet flavors.


In summary, JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE is a high-quality brandy, produced in accordance with Burgundian traditions. Its unique flavor makes it an ideal choice for high-end spirit enthusiasts looking for a rich and complex gustatory experience.

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