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Jacoulot – Menthe Poivree – – 1500 Ml

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Jacoulot Menthe Poivree A Selection Sommelier From Liqueur1500 Ml

Discover JACOULOT PEPPERMINT, the liqueur that refreshes

JACOULOT PEPPERMINT is a quality liqueur produced in the Brandy region. It is made from fresh peppermint leaves, carefully selected for their quality. This liqueur stands out for its intense green color and refreshing taste.


This liqueur is ideal for tasting as an aperitif or digestif. It can also be used to prepare original cocktails or to enhance desserts. In the mouth, JACOULOT PEPPERMINT offers a sensation of freshness that blends perfectly with the slight note of pepper. This subtle flavor enhances the taste of mint and offers a unique gustatory experience.

The characteristics of JACOULOT PEPPERMINT

With its creamy texture and sweet flavor, JACOULOT PEPPERMINT is a quality liqueur that delights the taste buds. It is obtained through a rigorous manufacturing process that respects the quality of the ingredients. Its intense green color is a real invitation to tasting, and its refreshing taste makes it a popular drink among liqueur enthusiasts.

In short, JACOULOT PEPPERMINT is an exceptional liqueur that will seduce you with its subtle and refreshing taste. To be enjoyed without moderation for a unique and unforgettable gustatory experience.

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Availability: Out of stock

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