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Stephane Montez – St Joseph Blanc – White – 2020

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Stephane Montez St Joseph Blanc White 2020 A Selection Sommelier From Saint Joseph

Appellation: ST JOSEPH BLANC

Wine color: WHITE

Region: Rhône

The Stephane Montez St Joseph Blanc is a white wine produced by winemaker Stéphane Montez in the St Joseph Blanc appellation of the Rhône region. This wine is made from grape varieties such as Marsanne and Roussanne, which are characteristic of the region, and is distinguished by its dry and fresh taste, as well as citrus and white fruit aromas.

In terms of food and wine pairing, St Joseph Blanc is perfect for accompanying seafood, grilled fish, and cheese-based dishes. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Vintner Stéphane Montez is known for his expertise and respect for nature. He works his vines in an organic manner and uses traditional techniques to produce quality wines.

In summary, the Stephane Montez St Joseph Blanc is a quality white wine produced by an environmentally conscious winemaker in the Rhône region. It will delight even the most discerning palates by perfectly accompanying typical dishes of the region.

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