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Santa Rita – Triple C – Red – 2019

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Santa Rita Triple C Red 2019 A Selection Sommelier From Chili

SANTA RITA TRIPLE C ROUGE: An intense and elegant red wine from Chile

The SANTA RITA TRIPLE C ROUGE is a premium red wine from Chile, a country renowned for its production of world-class wines. Produced in the TRIPLE C appellation, this wine is the result of unique expertise that makes it an exceptional product.

A red wine with marked flavors

With its intense aromas of red fruits and blackcurrant, the SANTA RITA TRIPLE C ROUGE is a powerful and elegant red wine. Its complex palate is characterized by notes of vanilla and dark chocolate. Its deep red color reflects its intensity and richness.

A rigorous production process

The SANTA RITA TRIPLE C ROUGE is produced in the Maipo wine region located in the central valley of Chile. The vines benefit from an optimal climate with hot temperatures during the day and cool nights, which allows for the production of superior quality grapes. The winemaking process is conducted with great care to preserve the aromas and flavors of the grapes.

A versatile wine for all occasions

The SANTA RITA TRIPLE C ROUGE is the ideal companion for red meats, spicy dishes, and aged cheeses. It is also perfect for relaxing moments with friends or family. Served at a temperature of 16 to 18°C, it reveals all its flavors and complexity.

In summary, the SANTA RITA TRIPLE C ROUGE is a superior quality red wine that demonstrates the expertise of Chilean winemakers. With its deep red color, intense aromas, and complex palate, it is an exceptional wine to be enjoyed on all occasions.

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Availability: Out of stock

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