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Santa Rita – Pehuen – Red – 2014

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Santa Rita Pehuen Red 2014 A Selection Sommelier From Chili

SANTA RITA PEHUEN ROUGE: A Superior Quality Wine

Originating from the Pehuen region of Chile, the SANTA RITA PEHUEN ROUGE is a superior quality wine, known for its richness and complexity. The intense red color of this wine is the result of a meticulous winemaking process that preserves all the qualities of the grape.

A Tasting Rich in Flavors

When tasting this exceptional wine, you will be seduced by its subtle aromas of red fruits and vanilla, as well as a woody note that gives it great elegance. Its velvety texture and long, persistent finish will prolong the pleasure of the tasting.

Ancestral Know-How for a Passion for Winemaking

This superior quality red wine is the result of ancestral know-how and a passion for winemaking that is passed down from generation to generation. Its unique flavor makes it a perfect choice to accompany your most refined meals.

In summary, SANTA RITA PEHUEN ROUGE is more than just a wine, it is an exceptional gustatory experience that deserves to be discovered and appreciated. Do not hesitate to taste it to discover a red wine rich in flavors and winemaking history.

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Availability: Out of stock

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