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Puech Haut – Argili – Rose – 2022

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Puech Haut Argili Rose 2022 A Selection Sommelier From Languedoc

PUECH HAUT ARGILI ROSE: a quality wine from the Languedoc region

The PUECH HAUT ARGILI ROSE is a quality wine produced in the Languedoc region. Made from a short maceration of the grapes, its pink color is a true pleasure for the eyes. This wine comes from the ARGILI appellation, which guarantees a specific terroir and environmentally friendly production methods. It is therefore a wine that respects nature and that you can appreciate by tasting it.

A fruity and refreshing tasting experience

When tasting the PUECH HAUT ARGILI ROSE, you can enjoy its fruity aromas that mix with its freshness in the mouth. This wine will perfectly accompany your appetizers, your summer salads or your fish-based dishes. It is therefore a versatile wine that will match with many dishes to delight your taste buds.

The domain PUECH HAUT: a producer of exceptional wines

The PUECH HAUT domain, located in the Languedoc, is recognized for the quality of its wines. The property extends over more than 200 hectares and is cultivated in organic farming to respect the environment. Grapes are hand-picked and carefully vinified to obtain exceptional wines. The PUECH HAUT ARGILI ROSE is therefore the result of expertise and passion for wine.

In conclusion

The PUECH HAUT ARGILI ROSE is a quality wine, respectful of the environment, carefully produced by the PUECH HAUT domain. Its pink color and fruity aromas make it a perfect wine to accompany your convivial moments in summer. You can thus appreciate the quality of the Languedoc terroir and the passion hidden behind each bottle of this exceptional wine.

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