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Pinteivera – Douro – Red – 2018

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Pinteivera Douro Red 2018 A Selection Sommelier From Douro

Wine name: Pinteivera DOURO ROUGE

Appellation: DOURO

The Pinteivera DOURO ROUGE is a red wine from the region of Portugal, cultivated in the unique terroir of the Douro region. Its deep red color is a true delight for the eyes, but it is its taste that will leave you enchanted.

The grapes used to produce this wine are cultivated in a hot and dry climate, which gives them a rich and complex flavor, reflected in the final wine. Notes of red fruits and cherries dominate its full-bodied taste, balanced by a pleasant acidity and soft tannins.

The Pinteivera DOURO ROUGE is perfect to accompany red meat dishes or cheese. Its unique taste makes it an excellent choice for those looking for an exceptional tasting experience.

In short, if you are looking for a superior quality red wine, the Pinteivera DOURO ROUGE is an excellent choice. Try it now to discover its rich and complex flavors, and let yourself be seduced by its unforgettable taste.

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