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Patrick Le Bourlay – Marsanne “L’Inattendu” – White –

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Patrick Le Bourlay Marsanne “L’Inattendu” White A Selection Sommelier From Marsanne “L’Inattendu”

Discover the “L’INATTENDU” white wine by Patrick Le Bourlay, Marsanne appellation

A dry white wine made from the Marsanne grape variety in the Rhone region

The “L’INATTENDU” white wine by Patrick Le Bourlay is a treasure from the Rhone region, made from the Marsanne grape variety. This appellation gives birth to a dry white wine with a brilliant pale yellow color, adorned with green reflections.

When tasting this white wine, you will discover a beautiful freshness as well as subtle notes of citrus and white fruits that blend perfectly. Its slightly fatty texture allows it to leave a beautiful length in the mouth. It is a perfect white wine to accompany fish or seafood dishes.

L’INATTENDU, a surprising and elegant white wine

The name of this white wine, “L’INATTENDU”, invites you to discover and be surprised. This white wine is surprising and elegant, thanks to the passion and expertise of Patrick Le Bourlay. This experienced and nature-respecting winemaker has created an exceptional white wine by carefully working on each step of its production.

By choosing “L’INATTENDU” by Patrick Le Bourlay, you will choose an original and quality white wine, suitable for the most special occasions or to accompany a refined meal. Its unique freshness and surprising taste make it a perfect white wine for wine lovers.

In summary, “L’INATTENDU” is a white wine that deserves a place in your cellar. Its quality, surprising taste, and origin from the Rhone region give it an exceptional place in the universe of white wines.

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Availability: Out of stock

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