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Nebbiolo D Alba – Valdomo – Red – 2017

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Nebbiolo D Alba Valdomo Red 2017 A Selection Sommelier From Portugal

Nebbiolo d’Alba Valdomo Rouge: a characterful wine from the Valdomo region

The Nebbiolo d’Alba Valdomo Rouge is a characterful red wine produced in the Valdomo region of Portugal. This wine is made with the famous Nebbiolo grape, grown in the vineyards of the region. Its deep red color with purple highlights gives it an elegant and attractive appearance.

The prestigious Valdomo appellation

Valdomo is a renowned wine region known for the quality of its red wines. Located in northwest Portugal, it benefits from an ideal climate for vine cultivation. The mineral-rich soils give the wines a unique aromatic complexity and an authentic taste.

Intense aromas and a well-presented structure

The Nebbiolo d’Alba Valdomo Rouge is appreciated for its intense aromas of red fruits and spices that emerge on the nose. In the mouth, this wine is powerful and structured with well-presented tannins. It pairs perfectly with red meats, sauced dishes, and aged cheeses. Its long persistence in the mouth is a real pleasure for the taste buds.

In summary, the Nebbiolo d’Alba Valdomo Rouge is a quality wine that perfectly reflects the Valdomo terroir. Its powerful structure, intense aromas, and elegant appearance make it an exceptional beverage for red wine lovers.

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Availability: Out of stock

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