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Minuty – “M” – Rose – 2022

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Minuty “M” Rose 2022 A Selection Sommelier From “M”

The MINUTY “M” Rosé: a prestigious appellation rosé wine

The MINUTY “M” Rosé is an exceptional rosé wine produced in the Provence region of France. It benefits from the “M” appellation, which is reserved for superior quality rosé wines produced in this region. This appellation ensures impeccable quality and undeniable expertise.

A pale pink color characteristic of Provence wines

The MINUTY “M” Rosé stands out for its pale pink color, which is obtained through a short maceration of the grapes. This winemaking method preserves the freshness and fruity aromas of the wine. This color is characteristic of Provence wines and gives the MINUTY “M” Rosé a particular elegance.

A rich aromatic palette to accompany Mediterranean cuisine

The MINUTY “M” Rosé is an exceptional wine that appeals to wine lovers around the world. In the mouth, it offers a beautiful freshness and a long and pleasant finish. Its rich aromatic palette makes it the ideal companion for Mediterranean cuisine dishes. The fruity and floral aromas of the wine blend perfectly with the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

A superior quality wine to discover absolutely

In short, the MINUTY “M” Rosé is a prestigious appellation rosé wine that deserves to be discovered. Its impeccable quality, elegant color, and rich aromatic palette make it an exceptional wine that will appeal to the most demanding palates. It is ideal for accompanying Mediterranean cuisine dishes and for celebrating moments of conviviality with friends.

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