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Les Jamelles – Chardonnay Igp Oc – White – 2017

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Les Jamelles Chardonnay Igp Oc White 2017 A Selection Sommelier From Chardonnay Igp Oc

The Les Jamelles Chardonnay IGP OC Blanc Wine

The Les Jamelles Chardonnay IGP OC Blanc is a white wine produced in the Languedoc region and made from the Chardonnay grape with the Chardonnay IGP OC designation. This designation guarantees the quality of the wine and its original terroir.

Wine Characteristics

This white wine has a pale yellow color with golden reflections. It offers an expressive nose with aromas of white fruits such as apple and pear, as well as floral notes. In the mouth, it is fresh and balanced with a beautiful acidity and a slight touch of minerality that makes it unique. This versatile wine is ideal to be enjoyed as an aperitif or to accompany dishes such as seafood, grilled fish, or poultry in sauce.

The Producer

Les Jamelles is a wine brand created in 1991 by Catherine and Laurent Delaunay with the objective of producing quality wines from the traditional grape varieties of the Languedoc region. Today, Les Jamelles is a reference in the world of wine and offers a wide range of red, white, and rosé wines.

In summary, the Les Jamelles Chardonnay IGP OC Blanc is a fresh and balanced white wine, produced by Les Jamelles, a wine brand recognized for the quality of its products. This wine offers a unique taste experience and accompanies a wide range of dishes, making it an ideal choice for white wine lovers.

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Availability: Out of stock

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