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Jacoulot – Prunelle De Bourgogne – – 6000 Ml

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Jacoulot Prunelle De Bourgogne A Selection Sommelier From Prunelle De Bourgogne6000 Ml

Introduction to PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE liqueur

PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE is a typical liqueur from the Burgundy region, obtained by macerating sloes in wine eau-de-vie. This traditional specialty has been produced since the 18th century and is recognizable by its dark red color and fruity and sweet taste.

JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE: a high-quality liqueur

The JACOULOT house, founded in 1895, is famous for the quality of its brandy and liqueurs, including JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE. This liqueur is handcrafted, with rigorously selected sloes, macerated for several months in wine eau-de-vie. The result is an intense dark red liqueur, with a fruity and sweet taste and a velvety texture in the mouth.


JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE should preferably be consumed after a meal, at room temperature or slightly chilled. Thanks to its velvety texture and fruity taste, it is perfect to accompany a dessert made from red fruits or chocolate. For the more creative, it can also be used in cooking, particularly to flavor sauces or sweet-savory dishes.

In conclusion, JACOULOT PRUNELLE DE BOURGOGNE is a high-quality liqueur, elaborated according to a traditional method from sloes and wine eau-de-vie. Its dark red color, fruity and sweet taste, as well as its velvety texture will seduce liqueur and brandy enthusiasts. A true Burgundian specialty to discover and savor.

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