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Jacoulot – Menthe Poivree – – 6000 Ml

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Jacoulot Menthe Poivree A Selection Sommelier From Liqueur6000 Ml

JACOULOT PEPPERMINT: a refreshing liqueur of great quality

The JACOULOT PEPPERMINT liqueur is produced in the Brandy region using traditional artisanal methods. This bright green liqueur is obtained through an infusion of peppermint leaves, offering a unique and refreshing flavor.

An ideal liqueur to finish a meal

JACOULOT PEPPERMINT is a liqueur that is both powerful and sweet. It is perfect to be enjoyed as a digestif after dinner. Its intense minty taste is highly appreciated by connoisseurs, but it can also be used to create cocktails or to enhance certain desserts.

An artisanal production respecting traditions

All peppermint leaves used for the production of JACOULOT PEPPERMINT are hand-picked. The infusion is made in high-quality alcohol to preserve all the flavors and aromas of the peppermint. This artisanal production method guarantees an exceptional liqueur.

In summary, JACOULOT PEPPERMINT is a high-quality liqueur, both sweet and powerful, that will delight lovers of liqueurs with an intense flavor. Its artisanal production respecting traditions offers a product of great quality, to be consumed only in moderation.

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