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Hervé Longefay – Brouilly “Marquisats” – Red – 2021

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Hervé Longefay Brouilly “Marquisats” Red 2021 A Selection Sommelier From Brouilly “Marquisats”

BROUILLY “MARQUISATS”: a prestigious appellation

The Hervé LONGEFAY BROUILLY “MARQUISATS” Rouge is a red wine made from the Gamay grape variety in the Beaujolais region. This prestigious appellation is recognized for the quality of its red wines, which are produced on a granite soil with a temperate climate. The grapes used for the production of this wine are hand-picked to ensure optimal quality.

Intense and complex aromas

On the nose, the Hervé LONGEFAY BROUILLY “MARQUISATS” Rouge reveals intense notes of red fruits and flowers, as well as spicy and woody aromas. In the mouth, this red wine is ample and generous, with fine and elegant tannins. It offers a beautiful length in the mouth, with a fruity and spicy finish that testifies to its aromatic complexity.

A perfect pairing with flavorful dishes

The Hervé LONGEFAY BROUILLY “MARQUISATS” Rouge is a wine that pairs perfectly with flavorful dishes such as grilled red meat, a cheese platter, or a plate of charcuterie. It can also be enjoyed on its own to fully savor its complex aromas.

In summary, the Hervé LONGEFAY BROUILLY “MARQUISATS” Rouge is an exceptional red wine that perfectly reflects the BROUILLY “MARQUISATS” terroir. Its aromatic complexity and finesse in the mouth make it a quality choice for all occasions.

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Availability: Out of stock

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