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Eyguebelle – Genepi – – 1500 Ml

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Eyguebelle Genepi A Selection Sommelier From Genepi1500 Ml

EYGUEBELLE GENEPI: a Brandy aperitif liqueur made from genepi

EYGUEBELLE GENEPI is an aperitif liqueur made in the Brandy region. For its production, the producers use the genepi plant, which grows in the mountains of the Alps. This plant gives the liqueur a unique and intense taste, characterized by herbal and floral notes.

Color and taste of EYGUEBELLE GENEPI

EYGUEBELLE GENEPI is distinguished by its yellow-green color with golden highlights. This color is obtained thanks to the genepi plant, which gives the liqueur a natural hue. In the mouth, the liqueur provides a sensation of freshness, with a delicate and subtle flavor. It can be enjoyed alone, with ice or in a cocktail.

The versatility of EYGUEBELLE GENEPI

EYGUEBELLE GENEPI is a versatile drink, used in cooking to flavor desserts or as an accompaniment to savory dishes. Indeed, it brings a touch of originality and flavor to all preparations. As an aperitif, it is highly appreciated by liqueur enthusiasts, who enjoy it for its unique taste and authentic character.


EYGUEBELLE GENEPI is an exceptional liqueur, produced using traditional and artisanal methods. Its gustatory qualities and aroma make it unique in its kind. Whether as an aperitif, in a cocktail or in cooking, it will seduce even the most demanding palates.

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Availability: Out of stock

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