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Domaine Montmirail – Gigondas – Red – 2019

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Domaine Montmirail Gigondas Red 2019 A Selection Sommelier From Gigondas

Appellation: GIGONDAS

Wine color: RED

Region: Rh么ne

The Domaine Montmirail Gigondas Rouge is a red wine from the Rh么ne region in France. This wine is recognized for its quality and richness in aromas. The region’s terroir offers a great variety of soils rich in clay and limestone, which allows for the production of superior quality grapes.

The carefully cultivated grapes on the steep slopes of the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains are hand harvested to preserve their freshness and unique aroma. The vinification process is carried out with great attention to preserve their character and produce a superior quality wine.

The Domaine Montmirail Gigondas Rouge is a complex and elegant wine that offers aromas of red fruits and spices. In the mouth, it is fleshy and structured, with well-integrated tannins and a long finish. This wine is perfect for accompanying red meats, saucy dishes, and aged cheeses.

In summary, the Domaine Montmirail Gigondas Rouge is a superior quality red wine that reflects the richness and complexity of the unique terroir of the Rh么ne region. If you are looking for a powerful and refined red wine, this wine will certainly make you happy.

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Availability: Out of stock

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