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Domaine Millet – Chablis – White – 2021

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Domaine Millet Chablis White 2021 A Selection Sommelier From Chablis

The prestigious appellation of Chablis

The DOMAINE MILLET CHABLIS BLANC is a dry white wine produced in the prestigious Chablis appellation, located in the Burgundy region of France. This appellation is considered one of the most prestigious and oldest in the region, and is renowned for producing high quality white wines exclusively from the Chardonnay grape.

An unforgettable tasting experience

The DOMAINE MILLET CHABLIS BLANC is an exceptional wine that offers an unforgettable tasting experience. Its bright pale yellow color announces an intense nose, with aromas of white flowers and fresh fruits such as apple and pear. On the palate, the freshness and minerality characteristic of the Chablis region are revealed, with a beautiful acidity and a long finish.

A viticultural tradition passed down from generation to generation

The DOMAINE MILLET is a family property that has been cultivating the Chardonnay grape for several generations. The know-how passed down from father to son and the passion for the terroir have made it possible to develop an exceptional white wine that perfectly embodies the quality and viticultural tradition of the Burgundy region.

The perfect companion for your meals

The DOMAINE MILLET CHABLIS BLANC is a dry white wine that perfectly pairs with seafood, grilled fish, and goat cheese. Its freshness and minerality allow for balancing the flavors of dishes, for an unforgettable gustatory experience.

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