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Domaine Marchand Grillot – Morey Saint Denis – Red – 2019 1500 Ml

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Domaine Marchand Grillot Morey Saint Denis Red 2019 A Selection Sommelier From Morey Saint Denis1500 Ml

The Marchand Grillot Estate and its Morey Saint Denis Rouge wine

The Marchand Grillot Estate produces an exceptional red wine, the Morey Saint Denis Rouge, in the Burgundy region. This controlled designation of origin is appreciated by connoisseurs for the quality of its red wines.

With an intense and deep red color, typical of Burgundy wines, the Morey Saint Denis Rouge offers an aromatic bouquet of red fruits and undergrowth, enhanced by spicy notes.

In the mouth, the wine is both complex and elegant, with fine tannins and a well-balanced acidity. It pairs perfectly with red meat dishes, aged cheeses, and saucy dishes.

The Marchand Grillot Estate brings all its expertise and passion to develop a superior quality wine that fully expresses the Burgundy terroir. Tasted in moderation, the Morey Saint Denis Rouge is an unforgettable gustatory experience.

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