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Domaine Lingot Martin Cerdon “Classic” Sparkling A Selection Sommelier From Cerdon


The DOMAINE LINGOT MARTIN CERDON “CLASSIC” EFFERVESCENT is a pale pink sparkling wine produced in the region of CERDON, France. This wine is crafted by the DOMAINE LINGOT MARTIN, a family-owned business that specializes in producing sparkling wines for generations.

This grape variety combines two local grape varieties, gamay and poulsard, which are carefully hand-harvested. The wine is made using the ancestral method, without the addition of yeast or sugar. Fermentation occurs naturally in stainless steel tanks until fermentation stops naturally. This production method results in a light and fruity wine with notes of strawberry and raspberry, adorned with a fine foam and pleasant mouthfeel.

Food and wine pairings

The DOMAINE LINGOT MARTIN CERDON “CLASSIC” EFFERVESCENT pairs perfectly with red fruit desserts such as strawberry pies or red fruit salads. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif, accompanied by savory appetizers or charcuterie.

It is recommended to serve this wine chilled, between 6 and 8°C, to fully appreciate its aromas and freshness.

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