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Domaine Davanture – Givry Blanc – White – 2019

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Domaine Davanture Givry Blanc White 2019 A Selection Sommelier From Givry

The Givry Blanc appellation

The Givry Blanc appellation is a region in Burgundy, France, known for the exceptional quality of its white wines. More specifically, this appellation is characterized by the exclusive use of the Chardonnay grape, which is known for producing high-quality white wines. Wines from this appellation are recognized for their silky texture and subtle taste.

The Domaine Davanture and its excellent white wine

The Domaine Davanture is an iconic vineyard in the Givry region, distinguished by the exceptional quality of its wines. Among its flagship products is the DOMAINE DAVANTURE GIVRY BLANC, an excellent white wine that has seduced the palates of the most demanding wine lovers.

Developed from carefully selected Chardonnay grapes, the DOMAINE DAVANTURE GIVRY BLANC has a pale yellow dress and offers a subtle and elegant nose, with delicate notes of citrus and white flowers. In the mouth, this white wine shows a beautiful freshness and great finesse, with aromas of white fruit and a slight mineral touch on the finish, which reflects the terroir where the grapes were grown.


The DOMAINE DAVANTURE GIVRY BLANC is a white wine that pairs very well with fish and seafood dishes, as well as goat cheese and summer salads. Served chilled, it will offer you all the richness of its aromas and surprise you with its complexity and finesse.

Conclusion: an exceptional white wine, fruit of passion and expertise

In summary, the DOMAINE DAVANTURE GIVRY BLANC is an exceptional white wine that reflects the expertise and passion of the winemakers in the Givry region. Thanks to its silky texture, subtle aromas, and characteristic freshness, it stands out as one of the best white wines in the region, even in France. If you are a wine lover, do not miss the opportunity to taste it!

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