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Decoy – Zinfandel – Red – 2016

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Decoy Zinfandel Red 2016 A Selection Sommelier From Rsa

DECOY ZINFANDEL ROUGE: a rich and powerful red wine

Origin: a wine region in California

The DECOY ZINFANDEL ROUGE is produced in the United States, in the wine region of California. This region, which is one of the most important wine production areas in the world, is known for its hot and sunny climate, which is conducive to the cultivation of black grapes.

Grape variety: Zinfandel, a black grape cultivated in California

The DECOY ZINFANDEL ROUGE is made from the Zinfandel grape variety, a black grape that is mainly cultivated in California. This grape, which is also known as “Primitivo” in Italy, is appreciated for its richness in sugar and aromas. Wines produced from this grape variety are often rich and powerful, with notes of red fruit and spices.

Tasting: an elegant and balanced wine

The DECOY ZINFANDEL ROUGE is an elegant and balanced wine, with notes of black cherries, blackberries, and black pepper. On the palate, it is full-bodied and structured, with soft tannins and a beautiful finish. This wine is perfect with grilled red meats, spicy dishes, and mature cheeses.

Tasting tips: ideal temperature and necessary aeration

To fully enjoy all the flavors of the DECOY ZINFANDEL ROUGE, it is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 16 to 18°C. Before serving, it is advisable to let it breathe for an hour to release all its aromas.

Conclusion: a quality wine for lovers of powerful and aromatic red wines

The DECOY ZINFANDEL ROUGE is a quality wine that reflects the know-how of American winemakers. Its intense red color and complex nose make it an ideal wine for lovers of powerful and aromatic red wines. With its notes of red fruit and spices, this wine is perfect to accompany the most savory dishes.

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