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Chateau De Javernand – Chiroubles “Indigene” – Red – 2017

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Chateau De Javernand Chiroubles “Indigene” Red 2017 A Selection Sommelier From Chiroubles

The Château de Javernand: a renowned vineyard

Located in the heart of the Beaujolais region, the Château de Javernand is a recognized vineyard for the quality of its red wines. Among the different appellations offered, the “Indigène” Chiroubles stands out for its unique character and the specificity of its terroir.

An exceptional red wine

The “Indigène” Chiroubles is a superior quality red wine made from grapes from vines over 50 years old. Thanks to this particularity, the wine has a strong aromatic intensity and remarkable gustatory complexity. Vinification is done naturally, without adding chemical products, to preserve the authenticity of aromas and flavors.

A prestigious appellation

Chiroubles is a renowned appellation for its light and fruity red wines, which stand out for their finesse and elegance. The “Indigène” Chiroubles from the Château de Javernand stands out for its assertive personality, linked to the unique characteristics of its exceptional terroir. The wine is a true ambassador of the Beaujolais region and its winemaking know-how.

Tasting and recommendations

To fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of the Château de Javernand “Indigène” Chiroubles, it is recommended to taste it in moderation. The wine pairs perfectly with red meat dishes and can be served at a temperature of 14 to 16°C. In short, a unique gustatory experience to discover for enthusiasts of exceptional red wines.

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Availability: Out of stock

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