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Chateau De Javernand – Chiroubles “Gatille” – Red – 2020

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Chateau De Javernand Chiroubles “Gatille” Red 2020 A Selection Sommelier From Chiroubles “Gatille”

A prestigious red wine from the “Gatille” Chiroubles appellation

The Château de Javernand Chiroubles “Gatille” Rouge is a high-quality red wine from the Beaujolais region. This wine is made from carefully selected and hand-harvested grapes from the “Gatille” Chiroubles appellation, known for producing refined and elegant wines.

The winemaking process of this red wine is carried out with passion and great expertise to offer a unique and unforgettable taste. The carefully selected grapes are transformed into a red wine of dazzling beauty and unique flavor.

An exceptionally high-quality red wine

The Château de Javernand Chiroubles “Gatille” Rouge is an exceptionally high-quality red wine that stands out for its deep ruby color and intense aroma of red fruits and spices.

On the palate, it reveals flavors of cherry, raspberry, and blackcurrant, as well as a beautiful tannic structure and a prolonged fruity finish. This red wine is ideal for accompanying red meats, saucy dishes, and aged cheeses.

A unique gustatory experience

The Château de Javernand Chiroubles “Gatille” Rouge is a red wine that offers a unique gustatory experience, with a perfect combination of aromas and flavors. This wine is perfect for special occasions, meals with friends, or even for your personal tasting. With its elegance, finesse, and complexity, it is an ideal choice for the most demanding palates.

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Availability: Out of stock

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