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Chapoutier – Marius Syrah Grenache – Red – 2018

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Chapoutier Marius Syrah Grenache Red 2018 A Selection Sommelier From Languedoc

The CHAPOUTIER MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE ROUGE: a prestigious red wine from the Rhône region

The CHAPOUTIER MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE ROUGE is a high-quality red wine produced by the CHAPOUTIER winery, a reference in the wine industry. This wine is from the Rhône region and benefits from the MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE appellation, a prestigious appellation that guarantees the quality and origin of the wine.

Fruity and spicy aromas for an exceptional red wine

From a blend of two grape varieties, Syrah and Grenache, the CHAPOUTIER MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE ROUGE offers an intense red color and fruity and spicy aromas. In the mouth, this red wine is full-bodied and generous, with well-present tannins that give it a beautiful structure. It pairs perfectly with red meats, dishes in sauce, and aged cheeses.

The MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE appellation: a guarantee of quality wine

The MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE appellation is a prestigious appellation from the Rhône region. This appellation guarantees that the wine is produced from grapes grown in a specific terroir in the region and that it respects strict production rules. Wines from this appellation are known for their character and finesse.

The CHAPOUTIER MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE ROUGE is an exceptional wine that combines the quality of the MARIUS SYRAH GRENACHE appellation with the expertise of the CHAPOUTIER winery. This wine is to be discovered and enjoyed without moderation, whether for a special occasion or simply for pleasure.

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