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Champagne Tsarine Orium Sparkling A Selection Sommelier From Champagne

The Tsarine Orium Effervescent and its exceptional appellation

The Tsarine Orium Effervescent is a Champagne of exceptional quality that benefits from the Orium appellation. This appellation is reserved for the most prestigious wines of the region, which are made from the best grapes and according to rigorous production methods. Thus, the Tsarine Orium Effervescent is a wine that seduces the most demanding palates thanks to its impeccable quality.

A sparkling and luminous color

The Tsarine Orium Effervescent is an effervescent wine characterized by its sparkling and luminous color. This effervescence is obtained thanks to a second fermentation in the bottle, which allows the wine’s aromas and flavors to develop. Thus, the Tsarine Orium Effervescent is a fresh and light wine that is perfect for moments of celebration and conviviality.

The reputation of the Tsarine brand

The Tsarine house is a prestigious and recognized brand for the quality of its wines and its artisanal know-how. Founded in 1730, this Champagne house has been perpetuating the Champagne tradition for more than 280 years by producing exceptional wines that reflect the excellence of the region’s terroir. Thus, the Tsarine Orium Effervescent is a wine that embodies the values of the brand and that will delight even the most demanding Champagne lovers.

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Availability: Out of stock

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