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Champagne Constant – Brut Rose – Champagne –

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Champagne Constant Brut Rose Sparkling A Selection Sommelier From Champagne

The Champagne Constant Brut Rosé Effervescent: an elegant and refined sparkling wine

Hailing from the Champagne region, the Champagne Constant Brut Rosé Effervescent is a high-quality sparkling wine. Its pale pink color and fine effervescence make it an elegant and refined wine, perfect for special occasions.

To produce this wine, the traditional method of bottle fermentation is used, which creates the characteristic bubbles of sparkling wines. The Champagne Constant Brut Rosé Effervescent is a blend of several grape varieties, selected for their quality and character. The result is a balanced wine, with fruity notes and refreshing acidity.

A perfect wine to accompany your favorite dishes

The Champagne Constant Brut Rosé Effervescent is a versatile wine that pairs perfectly with seafood dishes, summer salads, and fruity desserts. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif, to celebrate a special occasion or simply to indulge.

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Availability: Out of stock

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