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Cadole Du Toine – Morgon – Red – 2020

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Cadole Du Toine Morgon Red 2020 A Selection Sommelier From Morgon


Appellation: MORGON

Wine Color: Red

Region: Beaujolais

The Cadole du Toine Morgon Rouge is a red wine produced in the wine region of Beaujolais, France. It comes from the Morgon appellation and is renowned for its rich fruit and spicy aromas, as well as its beautiful tannic structure.

This wine of character is made from the Gamay grape variety, which is the main grape variety of the Beaujolais region. To obtain this quality wine, traditional winemaking methods are used, which allows for the preservation of all the grape’s aromas and the development of a balanced tannic structure.

The Cadole du Toine Morgon Rouge is perfect for accompanying red meats and saucy dishes, as well as matured cheeses. It can be enjoyed now, but it can also be stored in a cellar for a few years to develop more complex aromas.

In summary, the Cadole du Toine Morgon Rouge is a quality wine produced in a prestigious appellation of the Beaujolais region. Its fruity and spicy taste, as well as its tannic structure, make it an ideal wine to accompany the most flavorful dishes.

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