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Argiano – Sangiovese – Red – 2018

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Argiano Sangiovese Red 2018 A Selection Sommelier From Sangiovese

Discover ARGIANO SANGIOVESE Rouge, an exceptional Italian wine

ARGIANO SANGIOVESE Rouge is a prestigious Italian wine named after the SANGIOVESE appellation, known for producing red wines rich in aromas and flavors. Originating from the region where this grape variety has been cultivated for centuries, this wine is a perfect choice to accompany meat and pasta dishes.

The intense red color: an indicator of quality

The deep red color of ARGIANO SANGIOVESE Rouge is an indicator of the quality of this wine. It recalls the color of ripe red fruits and is often associated with a high concentration of flavors and aromas. This intense color is a sign of the exceptional quality of this Italian wine.

A wine from the Italian region: a true treasure

ARGIANO SANGIOVESE Rouge comes from the Italian region where SANGIOVESE grape variety has been cultivated for centuries. This region is known for the quality of its red wines, which are often accompanied by meat and pasta dishes. This wine is therefore a true treasure of Italian gastronomy, which must be discovered.

In conclusion, if you are a red wine lover, ARGIANO SANGIOVESE Rouge is a reference not to be missed. With its prestigious appellation, intense red color, and origin from the Italian region, this exceptional wine will be a perfect choice to enhance your dishes.

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Availability: Out of stock

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