Selection Sommelier

Incursion au pays de l’ovalie


6 60.30
12 + 56.95

The strength of the men, the strength of a region, the strength of these wines, immediately transports us to this land of Ovalie where strength, character and finesse are linked to transmit all the knowledge of these fantastic vintages selected by our Sommelier.

1 La Balade, Minervois, 2018

2 Cosy Malbec, Cahors, 2019

3 Domaine Barrejat, Cotes de Gascogne, 2019

4 Château Burréjat, Madiran, 2016

5 Domaine l’olivier, Terres du Midi, 2019

6 Domaine Tariquet, Premières Grives, 2019



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