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Fabien Forest – Beaujolais Lantignie (Conversion Bio) – Red – 2021

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Fabien Forest Beaujolais Lantignie (Conversion Bio) Red 2021 A Selection Sommelier From Beaujolais

Appellation et région

The FABIEN FOREST BEAUJOLAIS LANTIGNIE (CONVERSION BIO) ROUGE is a wine from the Beaujolais Lantignie appellation, in the Beaujolais wine region. This region is known for producing light and fruity red wines.


The winemaker Fabien Forest produces this wine using organic farming, a practice that demonstrates his respect for nature and consumers. The intense red color of this wine gives off aromas of red fruits and spices, while its freshness and elegant, smooth tannins are appreciated with red meats, saucy dishes, and cheeses.

This wine is made from organic conversion, a certification that guarantees environmentally friendly and healthy viticulture for consumers. This approach helps preserve the biodiversity of soils, vines, and local ecosystems, and produce quality wines that reflect the terroir and expertise of passionate winemakers.

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Availability: Out of stock

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