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Domaine Philippe Grisard – Roussette De Savoie – White – 2020

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Domaine Philippe Grisard Roussette De Savoie White 2020 A Selection Sommelier From Savoie

Name and color

The DOMAINE PHILIPPE GRISARD produces a white wine under the ROUSSETTE DE SAVOIE appellation, originating from the Savoie region.


The passionate winemaker Philippe Grisard cultivates his vines while respecting the environment and offers a dry and fresh white wine with aromas of white fruits and flowers. In the mouth, the ROUSSETTE DE SAVOIE BLANC is balanced and elegant, with a beautiful acidity that gives it a long finish.

Food and wine pairing

The ROUSSETTE DE SAVOIE BLANC ideally accompanies fish, seafood, and cheese-based dishes. Not to forget that it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif, accompanied by some appetizers for a more complete taste experience.


The DOMAINE PHILIPPE GRISARD ROUSSETTE DE SAVOIE BLANC is a superior quality white wine, produced with passion by a passionate winemaker. Its freshness, elegance, and perfect balance make it an ideal choice to accompany typical dishes from the Savoie region.

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