Selection Sommelier

Champagne Rosé Brut 375 mL CHAMPAGNE CHARPENTIER

Grape Variety: 80% Pinot Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir
Vintages: Reuil, Binson-Orquigny, Châtillon sur Marne, Villers sous Châtillon, Le Breuil, Neuville sur Seine

Vinification: First alcoholic fermentation only in temperature-controlled vats followed by malolactic fermentation and then blended with reserve wines stored in temperature-controlled vats and tuns.

Ageing: blend of at least two years of harvest with a fraction aged in oak barrels.

Available capacity: half-bottle, bottle, magnum and jeroboam.

Particularities : The flagship cuvée of the J. CHARPENTIER house which relates all the finesse of the traditional know-how and its culture. A fruity champagne par excellence.

Dosage : 9.5g/L

– Eye: a pale and brilliant yellow colour with fine, crystalline, persistent and abundant bubbles.
– Nose: promising and pleasant
– Palate: floral and delicate bouquet with notes of fruit and spices.

Food and wine pairing :
This wine suits very well as an aperitif. It can be served with cold fish (salmon, halibut), shellfish or a warm pâté. Why not during a country meal with a cold buffet of cold meats.