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Wine, a formidable rallying force, attracts the curious and the passionate.
This is how, through a simple bottle, we can make a beautiful DISCOVERY, feel like travelling, moved in a memorable bucolic or rather bacchic WALK, having the sensation of travelling a LONG WAY to reach a great gustatory happiness.

So, to spend a pleasant moment, let us look for a simple and true pleasure!
Aurélie Vic, a passionate winemaker and oenologist, discovers and shares the best wine trails in the Languedoc. For the region is large and the wines have multiple flavours and profiles. Does it have to be fresh and tasty? Does it have to be suitable for Mediterranean cuisine? Yes of course, but Aurélie Vic wants more. Character and balance, finesse and harmony, that the wine expresses itself and gives hints about its origins. In short, that the roots speak, that they connect us to the soil… that the “juice” exhales the flavours of the south, a concentrate of fruit and the scents of the garrigue, with crunchiness, finesse and drinkability of course.

Availability: 300 in stock

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