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A Nos Amours Par Lafont Fourcat – Bordeaux – Red – 2018

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A Nos Amours Par Lafont Fourcat Red 2018 A Selection Sommelier From Bordeaux



The Château Lafont-Fourcat vineyard is renowned for the quality of its Bordeaux wines. Among them, A NOS AMOURS PAR LAFONT FOURCAT stands out for its intense red color and fruity aromas. This red wine is exclusively made from the Merlot grape variety, typical of the Bordeaux region.

A fine and elegant red wine

A NOS AMOURS PAR LAFONT FOURCAT is a red wine of great finesse. In the mouth, it stands out for its elegance and lightness. The notes of red fruits and vanilla that emanate from this wine delight the taste buds. It is a perfect red wine to accompany red meats and saucy dishes.

Warning about sulfites

It is important to note that this wine contains sulfites, substances that can cause allergies in certain people. It is therefore advisable to consume it in moderation and to check the labels to avoid any risk of allergy.

A Bordeaux red wine to discover

In conclusion, A NOS AMOURS PAR LAFONT FOURCAT is a Bordeaux red wine that deserves to be discovered. Its finesse and elegance make it an exceptional red wine, perfect to accompany saucy dishes and red meats.

With ideal weather conditions, the 2018 vintage offers powerful and elegant wines, with silky tannins and a beautiful concentration of fruit. A promising vintage to be enjoyed now or kept in the cellar for later tasting.

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Availability: 258 in stock

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